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Mark 'n Di

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday Jaunt

Hello dear friends!

Missouri just seemed to be calling my name during the month of February! I took off again on Thursday, February 25th, to be with my scrapbooking buddies that I worked with at Quest Diagnostics. We were very good friends at work ~ just seemed to be kindred spirits, you know? Then when we discovered our mutual love of scrapbooking, and did a weekend together (years ago), well, we just became friends for life! This weekend was really great. We took turns in the kitchen (because we had to eat every now and then) and scrapbooked our hearts out. We'd stop & visit or just relax at times, too. Jan always has to meet with the resort people when we go, so they can try to talk her into upgrading her plan. It's always good for a $50 bill, so she took us out to Catfish Kettle in Farmington on Saturday night. Now, they can cook catfish! Mmmm-mmmmmm! I told Mark I thought about him while we were there ~ he said, "Oh yeah, like when you said, 'More fish, please!' is when you thought of me." (Can he read my mind???)

I got 15 pages in Connie's album done. I really wanted to finish it, but still have about 10 more to go. The library is picking up the scrapbook nights again ~ and another library is offering it, too, so maybe I can finish up soon. You CAN scrapbook on your own ~ and I have done it quite a bit ~ but it definitely is a social hobby. Just sayin'

Monday evening we met several of the gals from Quest for dinner at O'Reilly's in Cave Springs. That was fun. One of the drawbacks of living in Florida is that I miss my friends from work. I was privileged to work with some really nice people and am happy to have them as friends. Tuesday, March 2, I had lunch with Dianne Lytle, a friend I've had since I was a child. Olive Garden is her restaurant of choice and she found no argument from me! =) We spent two hours in there eating and gabbing ~ trying to get caught up. Then a trip to K-Mart ~ and on to the airport, where I headed home. It was soooooo nice to be home again with the hubs and the cat. It's great to travel and see everybody and "stuff and everything," but there's just no place like home!

The next day was Wednesday, right? Right. I went over to Zephyrhills and had lunch with my mom, Bev Hazen, Juanita Miller and Lynn Horger. We went to Village Inn ~ can you guess why? BECAUSE ON WEDNESDAYS THEY HAVE FREE PIE! Mom came home with me for the rest of the week. She saves up her laundry and does it here every month ~ and often folds a load or two of my own laundry that I haven't gotten to. =) She's a peach! Today we went out to Arby's for lunch, then over to Barnes & Noble. I needed a Spanish Dictionary for class and a Max Lucado book for Bible study, and she got a Scrabble dictionary. We were gonna hit a thrift store, but her knee argued about it, so we came home and let the knee take a nap....

This Spanish class is rather more involved than I expected, but after attending a few sessions, I don't see how you can just dabble in it.... The class is called "Conversational Spanish" and is being taught by one of my Silver Sneaker pals at the YMCA ~ 10 sessions. Ha! I'll be doing good to say, "Hello, how are you?" by the time it's over! Hola! ?Como esta? (that first ? is supposed to be upside down, but my keyboard has not been attending class with me...)

Anyway, one of the books I bought today was "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Spanish Phrases" ~ think it will help? ROFLOL!

Guess I'll go for now ~ but will be back with more news from
The Russells at Richmond Place

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