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Mark 'n Di

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Again, Out Again, Finnegan!

We have pretty much taken care of February ~ at least we will have when I finish this post...

We arrived home from Missouri on Monday, the 15th, and met Dot (Peggy's daughter) again, and her husband, Rui, and her 7-year-old son, Sebastian. To our surprise and delight, Sebastian gave us big hugs upon our introduction! He really is a sweet little boy! Another very pleasant occurance that day was that Mark's brother, Howard, and his family (wife Barbara & boys Stephen & Joseph) came over to Tampa to have dinner with us, spend the night and have brunch the next day before heading back to Cocoa Beach where he was attending a business meeting. We all got in Howard's van & Peggy's family drove in their car, and made our way to Ellenton, FL, to experience Roaring 20's Pizza & Pipes. It was great fun! The big old Wurlitzer theatre organ was a huge hit with Stephen, who had watched videos of it being played on YouTube, but never dreamed he'd get to see it! We were all very happy to see him so happy. =) The food was very good, also.

The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch, then said good-bye. I just hate good-byes, don't you? Brings to mind one of Bob Batton's songs; "...where the hand ne'er waves good-by, that's the place my sould is longing for..." *teary eyed*

That evening, Rui took over my kitchen and grilled steaks, made a grilled pepper & onion salad, and fixed potatoes & mushroom gravy. Dot fixed a beautiful tossed salad and we were treated as guests in our own home. What a treat! Rui can cook ~ just sayin' ~ and they cleaned up the kitchen, too! =)

After supper on Tuesday, Rui & Sebastian drove back over to West Palm, where Rui's dad lives,to finish their little vacation, and Wednesday afternoon, we took Dot to the airport & said good-bye again as she flew back home and to work. Thursday morning Peggy winged her way back to Costa Rica. We are so thrilled to have had a part in her cancer care here @ Moffitt. God is in control and doeth all things well.

Mark and I have enjoyed the empty nest again for the last week. He has gone to work every day (bless his sweet heart), but I have just kicked back and lazed ~ honestly just lazed around... Some nights we have gone out to eat, and some nights I have had supper on the table when he came home. I have done laundry and cleaned the kitchen, so I did do a FEW chores (hehehe).

Saturday was work day at the church and Mark put the trim & baseboard in a Sunday school room. What did I do? I took a little trip to Solomon's Castle in Ona, FL, with my Red Hat Sisters! It is really a dorky place, but we had fun being together and laughing and eating in the "Boat in the Moat."

Today I went to a card class & made 3 cards and 3 scrapbook pages. This gal has forgotten more imagination than I'll ever have ~ I enjoy this group of ladies, too. We seem to always end up @ TGI Fridays or Cracker Barrel after class. I am truly blessed with lovely friends.

Speaking of friends ~ I am getting ready to fly away again on Thursday to St. Louis for a scrapbooking weekend with my two best buddies I used to work @ Quest with. We will spend four great days in a condo/resort out in the boonies and scrapbook page after page after page....

So sometime next week you'll read more about
The Russells at Richmond Place

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