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Mark 'n Di

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Trail

Hello! Ever had a week when Tuesday felt like Monday? It felt like that for me... I took Mom home today and we stopped @ Village Inn for lunch. I think she was happy to get home to sleep in her own bed tonight. Camp is nice, good, spiritual, needed, etc., etc., but it's good to get back home. Just sayin'

I came home with all intentions of unpacking and totally putting everything away, and all that sort of thing ~ but got my kitchen all put back in order & made the mistake of sitting down in my recliner to check my e-mail and Facebook. 'Nuf said. Sassy came to look over my shoulder (she likes to see what everyone has to say, too!), and when I kicked back in the chair she smiled and started "singing" and we both curled up and took a nap!

We started revival tonight with Rev. Noel Scott. I was really very tired of going to church ~ I know y'all know what I mean. However, Bro. Scott has such a sweet spirit and his message was so refreshing, that I actually felt "soothed" and was glad I went.

Our dear friend, Peggy, who is here from Costa Rica to have cancer surgery, has had her surgery and got the final pathology report today that there is no cancer in the lymph nodes and surrounding tissue ~ hence, no further treatment is needed. We rejoice with her! She will be here for a follow-up visit or two with the physicians, and heads back for Costa Rica the end of this month.

So ends the Tuesday trail for
The Russells at Richmond Place

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