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Mark 'n Di

Monday, February 1, 2010

Every Day Posts ~ Gone With the Wind!

Well, hello there! Remember me? Yeah, I'm the one who went to camp meeting 10 days ago and had no Internet connection for the duration. That's tough, ya know? Just sayin'........

The camp I went to is a God's Missionary Camp in Sun City, Florida. Harry Plank, the President of the denominaiton, and his wife, Rachel, went to school at Hobe Sound Bible College in Hobe Sound, FL, the same time we did ~ so it's always fun to be with them. Rachel asked me if I would help her out this year, by planning and preparing the snacks after evening service for the camp workers and other invited guests. That is a task that I really enjoy, and I had lots of fun! I love to set pretty tables, and fix yummy foods, and be around people ~ so this was really no "task" for me, but lots of fun.

Rev. Don Myers, from Schenectady, NY, was one of the evangelists. I knew him as a young girl and teenager, but hadn't heard him preach since then. It was great to get reacquainted and sit under his ministry.

Rev. James Plank (Harry & Rachel's eldest son) was the other evangelist. He is a powerful preacher and certainly gives you spiritual food. He had to leave the camp early due to his wife having surgery, plus the fact that his wife's grandma passed away during the week of camp, as well.

Rev. Jacob Martin, from PA, stepped in and took James' place ~ and did a terrific job. He's an on-fire preacher and stirred us up to walk with God! It was a very wonderful week!

Our pastor, Rev. Jay Smalley, offered the use of a 5th Wheel RV for us to stay in on the campgrounds. We had it parked right beside the caretaker's house, which is where the evening entertaining was done, so that was a real blessing!

Mark packed my car Sunday evening, so all I had to do was pack the refrigerator stuff and get Mom's stuff and head home this morning. I'll have to admit, I am quite weary today. I had the job of unloading the car and putting everything away today ~ but the only things that got put away were the refrigerated items. The rest can wait for Tuesday.... *yawn*

Sassy went to camp with us, and didn't seem to mind being there ~ however the trip down there and back was another story. The cat carrier is definitely not her favorite conveyance! When we got home today, she walked to the middle of the living room floor and laid down. Like, "Thank God, these people have come to their right minds!"

I wanted to update today ~ but I'm so tired I'm not sure I'm making much sense ~ so I'll sign off and try again tomorrow.

Good night from
The Russells at Richmond Place

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