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Mark 'n Di

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday "To Do's"

When I got up this morning, I had camp meeting on my mind. I started going through my closet and getting my clothes ready to pack...and so the time passed and I missed my Silver Sneakers workout at the Y. I was rather disappointed, because tomorrow will be "it" for another whole week. That is one activity that is "important" for my heart health, and ya know, it's probably the one activity that seems to be hit 'n miss for several weeks now. (tsk, tsk) Must be gettin' that higher on the priority list...

The library happened to be open today, thankfully, and I got my next book for my book discussion group, "The Commoner" by John B. Schwartz. On to the bank, then to a little computer class @ the Y offered by one of the Silver Sneakers who calls himself a "geek" but truly is NOT! He showed us a few things I didn't know about, but not much ~ and I'm certainly no computer geek! Ahem! Just sayin'....

Came home & had lunch with Peggy, then took a nap while she went out and took a walk. I tended to Sassy's needs, then just couldn't get enthused about fixing supper. Mr. Mark came to the rescue and took us to Chili's! Was it ever good! Our waiter was really good to us, and when we left, he gave us a bag of chips & a container of salsa. Thanks, John! You impressed Mr. Mark, and we'll be back! *grins*

Peggy has gone to bed ~ she's an early-to-bed and early-to-rise person. How on earth does she fit into the Russell life-style, you say. Good question! She's a very patient, easy-going person, I'm thinkin'.

Mark is workin' in the "grudge" (you know, where you park yer car...) and I will be heading for Facebook here in a couple minutes.

Wishing all of you a pleasant week ~ from the
Russell's at Richmond Place

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  1. I love your posts .. usually bring a laugh so anyone sitting nearby must think me utterly nuts to be laughing hysterically at a screen! Go figure!!