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Mark 'n Di

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1 little, 2 little, 3 little cousins... 10 little cousins meet

Today I drove to Bradenton, FL, to take my mom to a "cousins' reunion." Let's see, how do I put this simply.... My mom's dad and Don Whitney's dad were brothers, so that's the connection for mom. Said cousin Don's mom had two sisters, and their children were the ones who had the reunion today. So actually, mom was only cousin to Don ~ but they invited her to come, and she and Don with his wife Mary Lou had a great time re-uniting (it's been 40+ years since they'd seen each other). It was also fun to meet Don's other cousins. Now just imagine being in a room with ten 80-year-olds, listening to them joking and teasing each other, and reminiscing and solving the issues of the world, and laughing (cackling?) ~ it was a hoot! The host of the day was Howard Spencer, and he and his wife, Gerry, were a delight.

Penelope (my GPS) did not know anything about Howard's address, and we found this out when we got in the car and tried to plug the address in. So now we were at the time when we needed to depart. Mark graciously made the phone call to Howard, while Mom and I headed out in the direction of Bradenton. When we got to the town, Mark called and tried to read a Google map to direct me to the desired destination... This proved to be quite a disastrous situation. He was telling me to turn on streets as I passed them ~ or telling me I should be going west when I was going east and there were many cars on the streets acting like they knew exactly where they were going and were NOT happy with me trying to go slow and be in the right lane, when often I was not. If you know me, you know the blood pressure was rising.... *sigh* Not a happy thought. However, we finally arrived and really did have a nice time. But ya know, this kinda thing wears you out, and when it was time to return home, I was more than ready.... And, thankfully, Penelope knew exactly how to get me home! Gotta get that girl some more schoolin'!

I need to get my Sunday dinner in the crock pot so I can relax and go to bed.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Sabbath day from the
Russells at Richmond Place

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