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Mark 'n Di

Monday, January 18, 2010


Class #6 of 6 Memoir Classes was this evening. It was not expected that our entire lives would be on paper by the end of this class, but that we would have done a summary of grandparents, parents, and 10-year sections of our lives, and be ready to seriously begin the project of writing our memoirs. I was interested in this class because I thought it would be a good idea to have for my children and grandchildren. I DON'T think it will be best-seller material ~ although.... (lol!)

Mom washed up all my dirty towels today, and the remnants of her laundry, and I took her home on my way to class this evening. She will unpack and re-pack for camp and I will get her again on Thursday and take her to Sun City Camp. Peggy is going with us, too, until Sunday after dinner, at which time Mark will take her to the airport to meet up with her twin sister, who is coming to be with her through her surgery.

Our pastor & his wife, the Smalley's, are not going to be able to stay down at the camp this year, and they graciously offered us the use of a lovely RV (5th wheel) to stay in on the camp grounds. Mark & Bro. S got it all situated today near the Gandee's residence, where I can be of assistance to Sis. Rachel Plank in feeding hungry preachers after the evening services....

Mark rented a storage unit today, so we can empty the garage of boxes and "stuff" in order for him to create a workshop. I'm thinkin' that as we look in the boxes that we take from garage to storage unit (that we haven't looked in for over two years) that the decision may come that we don't need a storage unit at all. What do you think? Na, I really didn't think so, either.... just sayin'.....

Sassy is sitting on the floor looking at me, like, "Doncha think it's time you leave the 'puter and go to bed?" Cuz she doesn't go to bed until I do ~ so ~

Monday's shades are closed at the
Russell's at Richmond Place

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