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Mark 'n Di

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Success! Nap! Pork Chops!

Hello Friends!

It's a happy mood we're in this evening!

Our new friend, Dot, needed to get a rental car, so she went on line to see what wonderful bargains she could find ~ and find one she did! $13 / day ~ not bad atall! So where does Dot need to go for this wonderful bargain? The airport. *Gasp!* But I don't DO the airport! Not even! The only two times I've tried, I have made wrong turns exiting the place and wound up going across the bay to St. Pete.... (groan) But I take this situation in hand, and drive right downtown like I know what I'm doing. We found the National car rental office (which was no small endeavor in itself!), and then came the task of getting home without crossing that stupid bridge... The morning Fox News guys had just said a couple days ago that there has been so much construction downtown Tampa and in and around the airport, that it has rendered all GPS's invalid ~ so I knew no assistance would be forthcoming from Penelope... I took a deep breath and followed the signs v-e-r-y carefully to get myself on I-275 north. Made it! Now ~ I-4 east. Made it! Now ~ I-75 north. Made it! Yay! I'm on familiar territory ~ made it home with no problem. This was epic, people ~ a major accomplishment!

When I got home, there were two loads of laundry to do and supper to prepare, but you know, I was really worn out. So I took a nap. Don't you love it?

I had put "Golden Glow Pork Chops" in the crock pot in the morning before all the excitement ~ so to complete the meal, I fixed a veggie tray (sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers), rice, and green beans.

Supper is over, dishes are done, company has gone to bed, and

It's a happy mood we're in this evening, these
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  1. You are the Queen of Words! I have to just chuckle at your dilemnas. I am mad at my computer! It put your blog address info in the email box that it says is 'desireable'.
    Crazy! It took me two days to find it!