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Mark 'n Di

Monday, January 18, 2010

3rd Sunday of 2010

Wellllll....I went to bed before I updated my blog last night. What excuse can I come up with? One is, I guess I really don't have to say something EVERY DAY!!! Another one is, I spent way too much time checking on all of you in Facebook, until I just couldn't stay awake any longer... And both of them are true statements.

Mom spent the night, so she was with us for Sunday. Dot (Peggy's daughter) went home this morning, so that left Peggy here with us for Sunday. Off we went to Sunday school and church ~ to the God's Missionary Church in Seffner, FL. Mark taught the adult lesson, which was about Rahab and the Spies. Interesting, that. Adam Clarke says that "harlot" in this instance, was more of an innkeeper. He does not feel that she was a woman of loose morals. I like that ~ it has always bothered me that Joshua's men stayed at a house of ill repute. Thoughts, anyone?

Mark & I sang, "Each Step I Take" Sunday morning, and one lady said she hadn't heard that song in over 40 years.

When we walked into our house after church, the yummy aroma of the roast beef that had been in the crockpot since Saturday night, wafted through the air. Mmmmm. We were all hungry little bears ~ well, I guess Peggy is the only one who qualifies for that "little" adjective...

Rev. Harry Plank, the President of the God's Missionary Church denomination, preached for us Sunday night. The Sun City Camp (Florida District of the GMC) will be starting Thursday night, which is why Planks are here from Pennsylvania. Mark & I attended Hobe Sound Bible College the same time Harry and Rachel (Will) Plank did. It's been fun getting re-acquainted with them since we've moved to Florida ~ plus a few other people we went to HSBC with, as well.

After church, the Smalley's invited us to the parsonage for sandwiches. Mrs. Sally Smalley makes the best tuna salad in the world (personal opinion, of course). We enjoyed some good fellowship, until Mom and Peggy were nearly asleep, then decided we better head home before we had to carry them to the car. Picture that. =)

It goes without saying, that between the delicious roast beef dinner and the Sunday night service, we quite "religiously" took our Sunday naps.

Thanks for "experiencing" a Sunday with the
Russells at Richmond Place

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